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Maximilian Furs was first established in 1922 by the brother and sister team of Maximilian Apfelbaum and Anna Maximilian Potok in Warsaw, Poland. The incomparable team were third generation furriers with a determination and style that revolutionized the fur industry. The fur techniques used by Maximilian Furs created garments of the highest quality and exquisite design, the fur fashion they created were grander than any of their clientele could have imagined. They quickly built a thriving couture business, with their popularity swiftly spreading across Europe through the praise of their clientele. They catered to many of the rich and famous across Europe who came to their salon to buy custom fitted couture fur garments.

Unfortunately their success in Europe was cut short as World War II drove the Maximilian’s from Poland in 1939. While forced to leave their entire business behind, the siblings’ skill and desire remained with them. The innovative team brought their passion for fur to America and re-established themselves by opening up a couture fur shop on 5th Avenue & 57th Street in New York City.

As with their illustrious clientele in Europe, Maximilian Furs continued to cater to the world’s most famous people. They furthered their tradition of creating custom couture garments for their clientele. For cosmetics executive Helena Rubinstein, the innovative designs and fur techniques employed by Maximilian Furs created the first fur suit made with Russian Broadtail. This high level of creative design, along with incomparable fur techniques lead such high fashion clients as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Sophia Loren, and Audrey Hepburn to Maximilian Fur Salon. The salon did not only cater to fashion trendsetters, but was also selected for the esteemed honor of creating a white mink cape for Pope Paul.

It was the dedication and vision of the siblings that brought Maximilian the distinction of being the only house to receive two of the famed Coty awards in 1948 and 1965 for making fur fashionable.

Anna Maximilian Potok assumed full control of the business after the death of her brother in 1953. She continued to further the name of Maximilian Furs, inspiring the fur industry by continually developing new techniques that allowed fur to be updated and fashionable throughout the years. In 1972, Anna sold Maximilian to the Arthur Bartfeld Group, a fur dealer with headquarters in London. She continued to serve as a consultant to the group until six months before her death in April of 1987.

Today Maximilian continues to uphold the spirit and determination of its founders. As a leader in fur retail, Maximilian continues to deliver the highest level of product and service to its clientele, offering an extensive collection of premiere designer furs, which are of the highest quality and design. Maximilian salons are located within Bloomingdale’s Department Stores and offer a variety of services such as custom restyling, repairs, and alterations.

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